Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Your child may be suffering from ADD/ ADHD if your child is:  

  • Demanding
  • Temperamental
  • Difficult
  • Getting complain from the school or neighbourhood

In severe cases,

  • Showing no signs of love even to the mother or father!

As a parent you get really confused because

you are well educated, well behaved and well cultured.

You can not find any logical reason for your child’s difficult behaviour ☹

The ADD/ ADHD attack may begin at any time without any trigger!

What do you usually do as a parent?

  • Consult your paediatrician
  • Enrol for some parenting workshop
  • Enrol for parent child interaction therapy sessions
  • Or, a psychological evaluation

Why do you do that?

Because you believe that ADD/ ADHD is only due to some behavioural or psychological issue.

The truth!

Your child’s ADD/ ADHD symptoms can be because of 2 reasons:

  • Psychological
  • Structural

You already know about the psychological aspects.

Now let us discuss about not so known problem – the structural

It is a common sense-

Your child becomes irritable because of either hunger, or lack of quality sleep.

If your child is having some structural problem, it may lead to lack of quality sleep. This is known as ‘sleep disordered breathing’.

How the structural problem can lead to a sleep disordered breathing
and ADD/ ADHD type of symptoms?

1)Mouth Breathing:

If your child is having chronic allergies, the child can not breath through nose.

As a result, the child has to breathe through the mouth – known as ‘Mouth Breathing’.

Due to mouth breathing, the tongue can not be in its ideal position. Because of that,

your child’s upper and lower jaw size remains smaller. Thus,

your child’s big tongue gets trapped in the smaller jaws. The trapped tongue

goes backward where it encroaches on your child’s airway.

As the airway becomes smaller, less oxygen reaches to your child’s

brain, and your child thus becomes irritable.

2)Smaller Jaws due to evolution:

Due to evolution, our jaws are becoming smaller in the younger generations. Our

soft diet has also contributed to our smaller jaws. Our tongue size remains

the same and the jaw size becomes smaller. As the tongue becomes trapped in

the smaller jaws, it moves backward where it encroaches on your child’s airway.

& as we have already discussed in the previous point, narrow airway means

less oxygen to brains and an irritable child.

Now a big question-

How your ‘Holistic Dentist’ can fix your child’s behaviour?

  • Your holistic dentist can expand your child’s palate
  • Can expand your child’s upper and lower jaws
  • That will provide enough space for your child’s tongue
  • Thus, the tongue can come in a favourable forward position
  • And, your child’s airway will be open and well developed!
  • This will improve his airway and his sleep!

There is a possibility that your ADD/ ADHD labelled child actually might not have any psychological problem.

The only ‘Problem’ your child might have is- ‘He struggled to breath while sleeping’

Getting a treatment from your ‘Holistic Dentist’ can bring peace to your house and joy to your heart.

Holistic dental treatment can give something to your child that is very fundamental to health – Ability to ‘Sleep well’.

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Remember, getting ‘Holistic Dental Treatment’ for your ADD/ ADHD affected child can bring peace to your house & joy to your heart!

Wish you all the best! 🙂