better than braces:

Alternative Orthodontic Treatment

7 reasons to start Alternative Orthodontic Treatment for your child

As parents, we always want to give the best to our child.

This is especially true when it is about their health and appearance.

Did you know?

When we are talking about your child’s braces treatment for their uneven teeth, it is NOT ONLY ABOUT THEIR APPEARANCE, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, IT IS ABOUT THEIR OVERALL HEALTH FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE!

Following information will surely help you to take the right decision for your child (kid or teenager)

7 benefits of Alternative Orthodontic treatment over conventional braces:

  • Much less painful than braces
  • Aesthetically pleasant! The ALF appliance is barely visible.
  • Primary focus is on facial development & airway health of your child.
  • Not mechanical, but a supporting device allowing your child to grow up to their full natural potential
  • Gives calming effect on your child’s nervous system
  • Not rigid- ALF is flexible – making it more comfortable
  • Mimics the natural force of the tongue

Braces is a commonly used name for the treatment for the correction of your child’s uneven teeth.

However, braces is only one of many types of treatments that can be used to straighten the teeth.

If you have researched on this topic, or have already consulted some other dentist, you might have heard the words like- metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, invisible aligners, demon braces etc. They are all falling in the common category of ‘conventional braces’.

Till now, ‘conventional braces’ was the only option available for your child as ‘Alternative Orthodontic treatment’s were not available in India.

We are very happy to announce that now in India also, Alternative Orthodontic (Braces) treatments like ALF & SOMA  are available.

What are you waiting for?

We would advise (or rather insist) that you get one initial consultation done with our Holistic Dentist-  Dr. Rakesh Makwana before taking any final decision related to the treatment for your child’s uneven teeth.

Why wait?

Save both your Money & time….

If you are staying out of Ahmedabad, India, you can get our online consultation by paying just 50% of our regular alternative orthodontic (Braces) consultation with our specialist. This is a huge saving of your money & time.

Book in- person consultation and travel all the way to Ahmedabad, India, only if you are convinced that this Alternative Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment is the right choice for your child and if you want to proceed further. The amount paid as online consultation fees will be carried forward and credited to your in-person consultation charges.

How to proceed further?

Option 1- Just send a Whatsapp message on 9825395427 to book your online / in personc consultation appointment while the matter is still fresh in your mind.

Option 2- Just click on contact us button below and leave your contact information. Receptionist from our clinic will contact you back to schedule your consultation appointment.

Act now!

It is all about the overall health and development of your lovely child in the best way possible 😊