why us?

Dr. Rakesh Makwana is just like a common man. As a kid, he used to get the throat infections known as tonsilitis very frequently. For which he had taken the medicines very frequently in his childhood. 

When he grew up, he used to get severe neck pains. The pain and muscles spasms used to be so severe that he had been advised to take bed rest for up to 10 days in the past.

He used to have mild snores previously. But as he approached the age of 40, he started having severe snoring. That used to reduce his energy level during the day and would also disturb his wife’s sleep ☹

A very common occurrence. Isn’t it?

But unlike most of us, he didn’t surrender to the situation.

He had taken all the different types of treatments popularly available like injections, medicines, physiotherapy, neck belt etc. The treatments would give him some relief, but temporarily. There would be yet another episode of neck pain with the same intensity as the previous one.

He wanted to find out if there was any better, scientific and more effective treatment available.

He searched all over the world. Took advanced trainings from around the globe – Australia, Europe & USA.

He applied those holistic treatment methods on himself. &, he got the results!

He finally discovered the holistic dental treatments for chronic problems that many of us are suffering like – neck pain, back pain, headache & snoring. The treatments are effective, better, non-invasive, non-pharmacological & more natural.

& Dr. Rakesh Makwana is more than happy to help you!

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Dr Bhumita Makwana is a Dietitian who doesn’t believe in artificial pills, powders or crash dieting for weight loss.

Being a team member of HOLISTIC DENTIST INDIA, she believes in natural way of weight loss.

Thus, if you need any support for the nutritional part during your Holistic Dental Treatment, be assured that you will be getting the best of both the worlds!

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