Neck Pain

Treat your Neck Pain permanently with Holistic Dentistry 

  •  Is your neck pain being an obstacle in enjoying your personal life?
  • Is your cervical pain preventing you from giving your best performance professionally?
  • Is your mobility reduced due to cervical pain?
  • Do you need to take painkillers regularly?
  • Have you also tried alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture etc. without any long-term result?
  • Do you need to consult your physiotherapist repeatedly?
  • Are you told that the surgery is the only option for your neck pain?
  • Are you actively looking for some non-surgical and non-pharmacological permanent solution to your neck pain?

Then this is perhaps the most important information you will read today.

Read everything very carefully. This can change your life forever now onwards- in a positive way.

I know exactly how you feel as I have also suffered the same pain long time ago….

It was approximately 2010.

One fine morning I woke up as usual at 5:45am and I had a

painful muscle in my neck. This was not the

first time I had experienced this neck pain. It had happened

a couple of time before as well. I cancelled all my schedule for

that day as I knew I had to take some rest. However, I was not aware that the worst was yet to come!

By 10:00am, my muscles got really crazy! Even with a slightest

movement of my neck, they would give me a severe painful

spasm. The pain was really unbearable. I immediately rushed to my

orthopaedic surgeon. He injected me with a pain killer,

prescribed a couple of medicines, gave the neck belt to splint my neck &

a complete bedrest for 7 days!

And there I was in my bed. A young professional in his early 30s

who was regularly exercising, doing yoga and pranayama, taking

good nutrition and still in a bed rest for 7 days ☹

However, luckily for you the time has changed now. I am very happy to share

with you that you don’t necessarily need to go through

all these troubles that I had experienced. Now, Holistic Dental Treatments like

ALF and SOMA are available in India. They will save you from the pain, the trouble and the 

numerous difficulties in your personal & professional life. Now, you don’t necessarily suffer as I did…😊.

We know that the pain in your neck is usually caused by a muscle contraction and that it does not remain localized only in the cervical area.

Initially the symptoms might be very mild.

But if you don’t get them treated early, they grow gradually with age until they become unbearable and necessitate a bad rest! That is exactly what had happened in my case.

What are the popular ways to treat your neck pain?

  • Painkillers
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ayurveda or Homoeopathic medicines
  • Acupuncture or Acupressure
  • Splinting belt for your neck &, even
  • Whatsapp therapy!!!!

In severe cases,

  • Injections in your cervical nerves by pain specialist, or still worst-
  • Surgery for your displaced disc

These treatments are good. You may need to take any one or combination of them when

you are having severe muscle spasm in your neck. They will surely help you to calm down your muscles.

However, they all would give you some relief, but temporarily- only for small period of time.

Soon, your pain would re-appear may be with even much higher intensity! Gradually the number and dosage of the painkillers increases.

It is very unfortunate- None of these treatments addresses the root cause of your problem.

Even when you take injections directly in the nerve, they don’t give you the relief for your lifetime because it only suppresses your pain.

It does not remove the real cause of your pain.

How many injections are you going to take in your lifetime?

Is there a real treatment for your neck pain?

Or are you supposed to suffer from cervical pain for the rest of your life?

To treat your cervical pain permanently, we first need to find out the ‘real cause’ for your cervical pain.

What is the ‘real cause’ for your cervical pain?

Popular answers given to you are as follows:

  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Compression of the vertebra
  • Occupational hazard – i.e. IT professional working on a computer, dentistry etc.

and, they are all WRONG!

They are all the triggers and not the real cause of your pain……..

Yes, when you are stressed, you might experience an episode of cervical spondylosis.

But mind well. It is just triggering factor. It is not the real cause of your problem.

Can you correct your posture to get rid of your neck pain?

If you have already tried to correct your posture, you know that by making efforts, you can 

keep that correct posture only for very short time.

Soon, you come back to that old unfavourable posture.

What is the real reason for your cervical pain?

So, what is the ‘Real Reason’?

Logically there can be only 3 ‘Real Reasons’ for your cervical/ neck pain.

  • Trauma i.e. a fall or motor vehicle accident
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Structural imbalance in your face– in between your upper and lower jaws

The first factor- Trauma or accident is very obvious. If that is the case, medicines or even the surgery is the only option for you.

The second factor- chemical imbalance is genuinely applicable only to less than 

10% of the patients suffering from cervical spondylosis or neck pain.

If that is the case with you, you should get complete relief by using supplements, homoeopathy, or ayurvedic medicines or even with home remedies like ajwain! But if you are reading this so far, probably you or your loved one has already tried them. You might have got some relief, but not the permanent one.

The third factor is a big surprise!

If you find a method to re-balance your upper & lower jaw imbalance, you can get rid of your neck pain in a definitive way!

It can not be simpler than this.

Even a small child can also understand this.

Your skull has a natural capacity to balance itself through your muscles if your upper and lower jaws are properly balanced.

But, unfortunately, if there is lack of balance between your upper and lower jaws, your skull has to tilt towards your right or left, or, your skull will move in forward direction (forward neck position).


As you can see in this figure, when your skull is properly aligned with your body, its weight is approximately 5.5kg.

However, when the same skull moves in a forward position, it moves out of your body’s weight axis. As an effect of this, is resultant force on your neck muscles increases equivalent to 14.5 or even 19 kg!

Your muscles which were supposed to bear the weight of your skull of 5.5kg are now taking 3 to 4 times more weight for the same skull just because your skull has moved to forward position.

Thus, your jaw muscles and neck muscles now have to overwork.

As a result, after some time, either your neck muscles become tender and painful, or due to constant pull of your neck muscles, your cervical disk gets damaged or, gets dislocated. Your doctor tells you that you have cervical spondylosis!

Luckily, now we know what is the ‘Real Cause’ of your neck pain.

  • It is due to imbalance between your upper and lower jaws.
  • That imbalance leads to your skull tilting to your right, your left or, it leads to your forward neck position.
  • Due to this unfavourable skull position, your neck muscles are over working.
  • Due to this over work of your neck muscles, you get neck pain or cervical spondylosis.

As you are aware of the ‘Real Cause’ of your neck pain, you also know how to get rid of the cause of your pain!

When we align your upper & lower jaws properly through our unique holistic approach, your skull gets better support naturally.

With this, automatically and instantly your skull gets in to its ideal position without giving extra burden to your muscles.

As your muscles are relieved from extra burden of supporting your displaced skull, they come back again in a relaxed state.

As your muscles gets relaxed, now your neck pain gets relieved.

Even gradually your disc which was displaced due to constant pull by the muscles also gets back to its normal position.

It is a matter of surprise that how come till now, no one – your physician, physiotherapist &, even your orthopaedic surgeon has missed such an important aspect.

This is the end of your worries!

All is well, if it ends well.


It is possible to get rid of your chronic neck pain that has bothered you since years.

The real treatment for the real root cause is now available in India!

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A word of caution….
It is starting early:

Previously these symptoms of neck pain & back pain were developing after the age of 40 years

But I have now even received a young girl as a patient aged 13 years having severe neck pain due to this imbalance!

Don’t wait until your neck pain becomes so painful that you also have to take the complete bedrest like me.

Act now!

Book your appointment to know how you can finally get rid of your neck pain and get beck to the pleasures of your personal life and again perform your best in your professional life!

Wish you all the best! 😊