TMJ Pain/ pain in muscles of face

  • Are you scared to have your favourite food because of your jaw joint pain?
  • Are you tired of taking those pain killers, and have they even stopped giving you the relief they used to give you in the initial days?
  • Are you compelled to take even stronger pain killers now?
  • Have you taken physiotherapy sessions multiple times, but each time after some days your pain and suffering have started again?
  • Have you tried some sort of dental night guard/ bite guard, but not got relief?
  • Have you got some sort of injections in your jaw joint, but still have not got any result?
  • Have you got your joint arthroscopy done, but your symptoms have not yet subsided, or even worsened after the procedure?
  • Have you got all sort of x-rays, CT scan and MRI done, but not got any result?
  • Have your teeth been removed in the hope of getting some relief, but even after losing your teeth, the pain is still there?
  • The worst- you have consulted multiple doctors and still not got any relief. Now your family members and your doctors are telling you that it is all in our head. There is nothing wrong in your jaw joint- it is all psychological?
  • Are you in search of some treatment that will ultimately help?
  • If your answer is ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then this information is for you.v
  • Dr Rakesh Makwana is a senior Prosthodontist with two decades of experience.
  • Since beginning, he was interested to solve the puzzle of jaw joint problems (known as TMD).
  • In fact, the topic of his thesis as part of his post graduate studies was on jaw joint problems!
  • Because he is a senior prosthodontist and he is also having interest in treating these patients, he has been receiving many referred patients with jaw joint pain or facial muscle pain.
  • While treating the patients using all the traditional knowledge he had gained from his studies, mainstream books, and continuing education courses, he observed that there was still something that was missing in this puzzle.
  • He wanted to find the answer. He left not stone unturned to get the missing link.
  • Through relentless search and after investing lots of time, energy & money, he found something that is still being missed by the main stream.
  • He bought some unconventional, but scientific treatment approaches to India from across the globe.
  • This information is to help you if you are suffering from the jaw joint pain or facial muscle pain and if you are in search of some treatment that is scientific, effective and, at the same time is non-surgical and non-pharmacological.
  • Hope, you will find the end of your suffering through this information.
  • Don’t open your mouth too wide
  • Avoid food that is hard to chew
  • Don’t take pain killers for long period of time as they may damage your kidneys and your liver.
  • Don’t go for surgery unless you have explored ‘ALL’ the non-surgical options.
  • Take soft diet
  • Apply hot and cold packs alternatively at your jaw joint and painful muscles
  • Support your lower jaw while yawning
  • Find out the real cause of your problem and get the treatment done!

Routine treatment options for your jaw joint pain or facial muscle pain are:

1)Pain killers


3)Dental bite guard/ night guard

4)Injection in your joint/ nerve

5)Arthroscopic procedure in your joint

6)Open joint surgery

1)Pain killers:

  • If your jaw joint pain or your muscle pain is a rare occurrence, then of course, pain killers is the first treatment that you should go for.
  • However, if you already have experienced this pain for more than a couple of times, then you know that there is something really wrong that can not be just cured by these pain killers.
  • In addition, it is a well known fact that if you continue to take these pain killers for longer period of time, they may damage your liver and kidneys.
  • Thus, they are not a permanent cure, but surely can damage your important organs permanently as a side effect.
  • Avoid using them for long term by all means!


  • Physiotherapy is a great way to eliminate the pain and inflammation present in your jaw joint or your facial muscles.
  • Physiotherapy has many options to help like diathermy, ultra sound, electro therapy, latest gadgets with the power of lasers & many more.
  • It is surely an important & integral part of your treatment.
  • While it can eliminate you pain symptoms, it can not eliminate the cause of your symptoms. Thus, it can not provide the ‘cure’ of your problem.

3)Dental bite guard/ night guard

  • They help you just like the physiotherapy.
  • They act like a buffer in between your upper & lower teeth.
  • They relieve the pressure being transmitted to your muscles and jaw joints.
  • However, just like the physiotherapy they fail to address the root cause of your problem and thus, can not provide the ‘cure’ of your problem.

4)Injection in your jaw joint/ nerve

  • There are various types of injections given in your jaw joint to relieve your pain.
  • Your dentist might tell you that as we have already used night guard/ bite guard, and you are not getting the result, the injection will help you eliminate your pain and it will promote healing in your jaw joint.
  • While there are various theories about how these substances injected in your joint would promote healing, there is no logical explanation related to how these injections would eliminate the primary cause of your problem.
  • They may be useful in some cases to promote healing just like the physiotherapy. But, they can not cure the problem for sure.

5)Arthroscopic procedure in your jaw joint

  • This is yet another technological advancement.
  • It allows your doctor to ‘see’ inside your joint, to do some lavage, and to remove some troublesome fibrous adhesions in your joint.
  • Just like the other procedures, it might help to relieve your symptoms and to re-position your disc, but it can not treat the primary cause of your problem.

6)Open joint surgery:

  • If you are having structural adhesions within you joint, you can not open your mouth and these structural adhesions can not be removed through more conservative arthroscopic procedure, you need an open joint surgery.
  • Or, when your joint structures are damaged to such an extent that you need a total joint replacement, open joint surgery is required.
  • When the above mentioned two points are not applicable to your situation, it is never a choice for your treatment as it is excessively invasive treatment with lots of side effects.
  • The ‘Real’ cause of your jaw joint pain or pain in the muscles of your face is your craniofacial misalignment. It means- the bones of your skull or your face are not aligned properly.
  • This craniofacial misalignment can lead to two situations.

1) Either your skull bones get something called as cranial strains.

2) Or, your upper and lower jaws get some misalignment with each other.

  • your suffering can be because of any one of these two. Or, may be because of both of them.
  • Initially your innate adaptive capability might help you to tackle this craniofacial misalignment.
  • However, at some point of time, the situation goes beyond the handling capacity of your structures, & they start to break down.
  • This breakdown gives you this pain and discomfort either in your jaw bone, facial muscles, or both!
  • Now, the big question: what is the treatment of this pain & discomfort?
  • It is obvious- that you have to get rid of the real cause if you want to live a life free of this pain and discomfort.
  • You have to get rid of your craniofacial misalignment.
  • That means, your skull bones, your upper and lower jaws need to get re-aligned so that they all will be well-balanced.
  • Most important is, that the treatment should not induce any new craniofacial misalignment to your already damaged organs. Your treatment needs to be gentle and stress relieving.
  • It would be even better if your treatment is non-surgical and without any medicine!
  • At ‘Holistic Dentist India’, we are having various international treatment options like ‘ALF’ & ‘SOMA’.
  • ‘ALF’ is a Holistic Treatment developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom from USA. It has a unique capability to release the strains present within your jaw bones and your skull bones.
  • &, ‘SOMA’ is a unique, patented treatment developed by Dr. Da Cruz from Australia. It has a unique capability to re-align your upper and lower jaw bones that no other appliance can do.
  • There are many factors that depend on which treatment is the right choice for you like-
  • your age
  • the extent of your damage
  • your personal preferences
  • how many times you can visit us etc.

You need to personally consult Dr. Rakesh Makwana to know which treatment would be right choice for you.

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